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WellSpace offers flexible treatment rooms for wellness professionals, plus amenities and tools for helping your practice grow. Part-time or full-time, WellSpace is here for you.
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Why we exist

We designed WellSpace to allow certified, independent wellness practitioners an opportunity to meet their clients in a tranquil, highly secure, and professional space without long-term contracts or high startup-costs. Our passion is supporting independent therapists, so we added multiple amenities and created flexible plans to give you the ability to build your practice however you need.

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We support independent practitioners

We understand the challenges that therapists face as they start to build their business. Long leases, large deposits and top-tier credit are required for most professional spaces. Add in the cost of a high-quality table, linens, and décor and the barrier to building a practice intensifies.

Some therapists choose to treat people in their homes or travel to client's houses, but often there are additional costs and complications— sharing space in your house, drive time & gas, plus potentially awkward moments with new patients have led many therapists to look for a different solution .

WellSpace is that solution. Our low monthly rates allow any level of practice to get going immediately.

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Marketing isn't easy. We help.

WellSpace supports its members with multiple types of marketing. First, we are Vancouver Chamber members, allowing you access to events and opportunities throughout the community. Then, we offer supportive social media marketing and paid ads on Google, Yelp, LinkedIn and Facebook. Finally, every member gets an individual profile page for their practice. All of this adds up to hundreds of dollars of monthly support for your practice.

We can help no matter your schedule

Part-Time Practice

Many licensed wellness professionals are only able to focus on their practice part-time. Single moms, dual occupations, or busy schedules can't afford the burden of a full-time room rental. WellSpace is perfect for part-time practitioners.

For a low monthly fee (as low as 45.00/mo.) you can have access to our furnished treatment rooms without the concerns or stresses of renting a space full-time. WellSpace never requires long-term leases, so you always have flexibility as your needs change.

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Full-Time Practice

Full-time practitioners love WellSpace. We make it easy to focus on treating clients and building your practice without the additional challenges of managing your space.

Our linen service saves you time while our new, hydraulic tables save your body from the wear and tear of a full schedule. We even cap our flexible room rate to ensure you never pay more than going-rates in the area.

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What we Offer

Rent a fully furnished room in 15 minute blocks (60 minute minimum). You decide how you want to manage your schedule and when to book clients. Our easy, app-based reservation system allows you to reserve the rooms you need quickly. WellSpace isn't a typical landlord/renter relationship. We offer additional amenities that will save you hundreds of dollars every month.

Linen Service

We offer fresh linens for each room and each session. Just grab and go.

Private Treatment Rooms

Seven private rooms that can be scheduled for 90 minute blocks or all-day, giving you time to prep and clean up with no rush.

Marketing Assistance

Every member will receive there own unique business page, a listing on our providers page and supplemental marketing through our social media and paid ad channels. learn more here.

Keyless Security

You and your clients can feel safe and secure in every room of the facility. We use security locks on every treatment door and and the front door, so you never have to worry about who is coming in.

Easy Room Reservations

Real-time room availability and online reservations make planning and setting appointments with your clients easy.

Secure Lockers

Store your oils, personal affects, or products for sale in a secure locker just for your business.

Welcome area and Check-in

Our automated check-in system will text you when your next client arrives and let them know you will be out to see them.

Community Support

Running a wellness practice by yourself can feel lonely. Now you can own your own practice, but still connect with other practitioners and a community of therapists ready to support you.

And More...

✓ All Utilities Covered
✓ Facility Deep Cleaning
✓ Room Cleaning & Disinfectant Supplies
✓ No Deposits
✓ Discounts and Multisite Availability (coming soon)