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WellSpace is a facility that serves independant wellness practitioners and the clients they serve. Our mission is to create safe, comfortable and professional spaces that connect self-employed wellness professionals with clients looking for a better wellness care experience.
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What is an Independant Practitioner?

An independent therapist is a self-employed, certified therapist that is building their client base through the quality of their work. Often times it is hard for locals to find licensed,  independent therapists because the franchise outlets are getting the prime real estate and non-licensed "parlors" are located in many strip malls. But, like any other healthcare practice, your wellness is best served by someone who gets to know you and understand your particular needs.
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Why find a therapist at wellspace?

WellSpace only offers rooms to licensed and certified professionals that meet Washington State standards. Don't be fooled by illegal businesses that use the term massage, but are not licensed. Legally, only a licensed LMT can say they practice massage or are a massage therapist.

WellSpace ensures that your experience is safe and comfortable by ensuring that your therapist is a professional, dedicated to their own practice.