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Building Your Business During the Holidays

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The last quarter of the year is an excellent time to evaluate your pricing and find ways to expand your business. Here are 4 suggestions to help you build-up your practice before we get to 2024.

  1. Evaluate Pricing: I do understand that sometimes it is hard to know when to raise prices. When prices are going up, you feel a sense of empathy for everyone’s finances. You want to be the one thing that isn’t rising and impacting budgets. When inflation is stagnant, it is hard to raise prices because you feel like it is out of place or at the wrong time. In the end, you miss the opportunity to set rates that will support your business as inflation rises across all channels. Suzanne Reynolds and I tackle this subject in a two-part episode of our podcast. I think there are some really good ideas about how and when to consider a price increases for your practice. Check out episodes 11 & 12 on our Spotify channel.
  2. Offer Gift Cards. The holidays is always a good time to find new clients through the act of giving. Many of your clients might be interested in adding your services to a stocking stuffer or as a primary gift for a friend or family member. There are two keys to successfully selling gift cards to clients. The first, is being confident in the offer. You can offer a set price for 1-hour sessions, you can have a buy3 get one free, or offer no discount, but make the pricing simple. Easy and simple will improve the amount of takers you get with a gift card. The second, is offering something physical. People like to buy and pay for things they can touch. Sometimes with massage a gift certificate on regular paper devalues the gift. We have added a stack of gift cards for you to grab and use for your practice. There is room for who, what, and to whom, plus the back offers the where. It is all on a professional 4″ x 6″ thick card-stock that will give your gift a professional feel. For an added perk, you may want to purchase some nice A4 envelopes that can house each gift.
  3. Sell Bundles. If you are considering raising prices this is a must. But even if not, this is a good time of year to offer packs. Similar to gift cards, you’ll want your offer to be simple and clean. Do you want to offer packs of 5? Packs of 10? Is there a discount, or are you just protecting against a raise in prices. Whatever you choose, make sure that you can say it simply and know what to do when they say yes.
  4. Open Up New Communication. This time of year is a good time to start letting clients know about an changes to your practice. One change that is always beneficial is establishing communication channels. If you currently talk to your clients via email only, ask them about text messages. If you already use SMS, then let them know you are going to start sending out openings and see if they want to be on the list. The goal is to get permission to expand your communication with current clients. Handled correctly, this builds relationship and keeps you top-of-mind when referrals come up.
  5. We know that at WellSpace we need to keep evolving too. This year we built out the new forward-facing website (, have offered print resources and opportunities within and outside the clinic. In 2024 we plan to continue to grow. Offering, not only a professional space for you and your clients, but continuing support of your practice. We’ll be adding some onsite business education times soon, continue our weekly podcast, and making the space more forward facing to the community. These changes are designed to improve your exposure and help you schedule more clients—all while staying out of your way. If you have suggestions you’d like us to share with the group or that would improve WellSpace next year, please send us an email at