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WellSpace is a collective of independent & licensed medical massage practitioners and other wellness practitioners who are committed to your health and well-being.

Better for the community.
Better for you.

By directly selecting a wellness professional that meets your goals and needs, you skip the corporate sales programs and revolving therapists you'll find at many "massage" facilities. The same way you would prefer to know your doctor (and more importantly that they know you)it makes sense to develop a one-on-one relationship with your wellness provider.
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Quiet, Secure and convenient

When you meet your practitioner at WellSpace, you'll find comfort in every aspect of our facility. We are conveniently located off Mill PLain and 205 with plenty of parking. The facility is designed to feel soothing and each room is equipped to allow your practitioner to offer you the best care. WellSpace does not have any staff on site other than your therapists, so our facility utilizes a coded door system and automated check-in to ensure privacy and security throughout your visit.
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First Time Visit?

Whether it is your first time here or your first time getting a wellness treatment anywhere, we understand. It is easy to get confused with options of services and providers. Let us help keep your experience relaxing and ensure you get the care you deserve.
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