Why choose WellSpace?

Work directly with your wellness professional and skip the programs.

Our facility is dedicated to allowing independent practitioners to offer their services direct to clients around the Vancouver metro area. By working with an independent, self-employed practitioner directly you skip the franchise feel and can build a long-term, health-focused relationship with your wellness professional.

What is an Independent Practitioner?

An independent therapist is a self-employed, certified therapist that is building their client base through the quality of their work. Often times it is hard for locals to find licensed,  independent therapists because the franchise outlets are getting the prime real estate and non-licensed "parlors" are located in many strip malls. But, like any other healthcare practice, your wellness is best served by someone who gets to know you and understand your particular needs.

Why choose an independent therapist?

There are several reasons to support a local, independent practitioner. Here are just three of those reasons:
  • Get to know your therapist and they'll get to know you

    Often times at franchises therapists come and go or you get moved between practitioners. Having someone that understands your medical and health history is important to the healing benefits of massage.

  • Supporting licensed practitioners helps the community.

    Independent therapists are self-employed business owners right in Clark County. Their money stays here and helps the local economy.

  • The quality of treatment is exceptional.

    For real health benefits from a wellness professional you want to work with the best. Often times, independent practitioners are the best, simply because this is how they make their living. You'll typically get a better overall experience from an independent therapist.

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Self Care is Healthcare

WellSpace's independent practitioners offer a number of services and modalities.