Flexible Treatment Rooms
For Wellness Professionals

Whether you are looking for a licensed wellness provider or are looking for flexible space to meet your clients...WellSpace is for you.

Why we exist

We designed WellSpace to create a safe and secure environment for clients to connect with certified, independent wellness practitioners. Our spaces are designed to be professional, highly secure, and in easy-to-visit locations. Our passion is supporting independent therapists and their clients to help develop a better and healthier community.

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Support Local, Independent Practitioners

It can be hard to make a living wage while working for a spa or some clinics. When practitioners choose to be self-employed they increase their longevity in the industry and work directly with their clients. WellSpace helps self-employed practitioners to build their practice by offering flexible room rental and amenities designed to focus their care on you.


What We Offer Practitioners

Self-employed practitioners can get burdened with High overhead and rooms that don't meet their client's needs. WellSpace offers flexible pricing and a secure and tranquil space designed for wellnness care. We also include:

Linen Service

We offer fresh linens for each room and each session. Just grab and go.

Furnished Treatment Rooms

We offer top of the line tables, warmers, and bolsters to help give both the practitioner and the client the best healthcare experience. Every treatment room is calming but neutral—allowing the practitioner to infuse their brand into the space.

Marketing Assistance

Every member will receive their own unique business page, a listing on our providers page and supplemental marketing through our social media and paid ad channels. learn more here.

Keyless Security

You and your clients can feel safe and secure in every room of the facility. We use security locks on every treatment door and the front door, so you never have to worry about who is coming in.

Easy Room Reservations

Practitioners book directly with their clients. However, our real-time room availability app and online reservations make planning your session times a snap.

Secure Lockers

Store your oils, personal affects, or products for sale in a secure locker just for your business.

Welcome area and Check-in

Our HIPAA compliant, automated check-in system will text you when your next client arrives and let them know you will be out to see them soon.

Community Support

Running a wellness practice by yourself can feel lonely. Now you can own your own practice, but still connect with other practitioners and a community of therapists ready to support you.

And More...

✓ All Utilities Covered
✓ Facility Deep Cleaning
✓ Room Cleaning & Disinfectant Supplies
✓ No Deposits
✓ Discounts and Multisite Availability (coming soon)