Instant online booking

You need a fast and flexible way to book appointments—knowing that your room will be ready and available for you. Our online booking system ensures you'll be able to set your appointments with ease.

Automatic Systems make it easy

15 Minute Windows Built-in

Session bookings atart at 60 minutes, but then can be adjusted in 15 minute increments. Then we offer a 15 minute buffer (at no cost) on both sides of your appointment for cleanup and move in.

Open 7 days per week

WellSpace is open from 8:00am - 9:00pm 7 days a week. You and your client use the front door code that you are provided and walk out the door when you are done.

Day of Automatic payments

We won't charge you until you are within the 12 hour non-cancellation period. This allows you to book multiple or recurring appointments without having to pay immediately.

Secure Payment on File

Don't worry about pulling out your credit card every time you reserve a room. We'll store your preferred payment method on file using Stripe's highly secure system.

Recurring Appointments

Have a standing client time? You can book a recurring appointment for the same time, day of the week and room—giving your client the feeling of consistency. Established only.

Easy Room Cancellation

Clients Cancel. It happens. We offer no-cost cancellation on any reservation up to 12 hours before the booking. Just log-in and cancel in your member's area and your card will never get charged.

Any room reservation is just moments away

Here are the quick steps for room reservation.
(our system uses the Skedda scheduler. Download below)

Log in to your membership portal

once you have the app you can skip this step

Review the Calendar for all rooms

you can also tie your calendar to your google calendar

Book an available timeslot