Marketing Support

WellSpace wants you to succeed and grow. As a member you'll be marketed in your local community in a number of ways.

Unique Web Page

Every member will have a unique web page dedicated to your business. We'll highlight your practice, modalities, and booking preferences. You can send people to the page directly if you don't have a web presence.

Online Advertising

Our space returns a percentage of budget to paid local ads on Facebook, Google, and more. These ads focus on the practices housed within the building and not on specific practitioners. Our goal is to tout the benefits of using independent, small practices like the ones found at WellSpace.
Google Ads for massage therapy in Vancouver WA, promoting wellness and treatment services.

Community Opportunities

By joining WellSpace you give yourself an opportunity to work beside and meet with other wellness professionals and modalities. This gives every member an opportunity for networking and connecting with a community of like-minded practitioners.

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