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Tips for a good Profile

Your profile page will be the window into your practice for clients that visit the WellSpace site. Here are a few tips that will help make it be more effective.

  • Show off your personality: Don't be afraid to be more personal in your approach. People like to know a few personal details about their therapist and you want the profile to reflect your personality. If you are more relaxed in your approach use copy that reflects that.

  • Good photos make a difference: Your profile photo should engage new clients. You can use a photo showing you in the "real world" if that is honest to you. Remember to offer a genuine smile and have controlled lighting—washed out lighting looks weird on a screen.

  • Let them know you are passionate: Sharing your reasons for being a massage therapist can help a potential client see you as a passionate professional and not just another profile on a page.
  • Make sure to offer an easy next step: If you want a call to book or prefer a text, just make it clear. An ambiguous call to action leaves people without a clear next step which can hurt follow through.