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New Vancouver venture WellSpace helps massage therapists grow their business

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When massage therapists graduate from school, they traditionally have had two career paths: go to work for another business or go to work for themselves.

That is until Vancouver’s Vince Williams opened WellSpace.

“This really is invented,” said Williams, who opened at 516 S.E. Chkalov Drive, Suite 49, in Vancouver last month. WellSpace uses a gymlike membership model to provide rentable treatment rooms for massage therapists.

Each month, therapists pay a membership fee and then pay a rental fee for hours when a room is rented. There are payment tiers. A higher monthly fee paid means hourly fees are lower and vice versa.

WellSpace offers the use of one of its seven treatment rooms and offers members linen service, website marketing and event support.

“Our job is to help them grow their business,” said Williams, who owns WellSpace along with his wife and two business partners, and serves as its chief executive.

Danny Bickham signed up for WellSpace in August — the company’s first client. He’d been a therapist for eight years but had always worked for someone else.

Bickham got to a point in his life where he was finally able to start his own business. But he didn’t want to dive into it, so he started seeing patients on his own three days per week.

WellSpace “made it very easy to dabble into my own business without fully jumping into it,” he said.

The business solves issues that often plague therapists, like finding a space to rent and washing sheets and linens, said Bickham.

“It’s more of an incubator for businesses than anything,” Williams said.

WellSpace has four members with three more incoming, though Williams expects more to jump on board.

(This article is republished from the original Columbian articles “New Vancouver venture WellSpace helps massage therapists grow their business”)