Eden Energy Clinical Practitioner

"I believe that at the core of every person is glowing, divine energy. Take healing back into your own hands by connecting with your energy!"

Visited some time ago for help in dealing with chronic shoulder pain. Was very well taken care of as she customized a plan to help me get back to normal and out of pain. Would recommend to anybody.

Lisa C.
Lindsay is truly one of the most gifted massage therapist in the Pacific Northwest. Look no further! This is the place for you!

5 Stars for Lindsey

Kendra J.

Rosie Brinsek

Owner of Radiant Flow Energy
Certified Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner


Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner
Retired Registered Nurse

I'm an Eden Energy Clinical Practitioner who has a passion for helping people take healing into their own hands. Energy Medicine works with the body's 9 energy systems by using gentle hands-on techniques. Assessment is made by using kinesiology to provide feedback in real time. After the balancing, I teach simple techniques can be done at home to maintain balance.

I became interested in Energy Medicine after working as an RN for over 30 years. During my career, I became uncomfortable with the extent to which people turned their own power to heal over to others, and the extent to which people aren't comfortable in their own skin. I deal with this myself, which led to a lot of anxiety. Eden Energy Medicine balancing relieved a lot of the anxiety as well as relieving some of my aches & pains.

I believe that our bodies are a gift, meant to be celebrated instead of being blamed or shamed. Getting to know your body's energies will heal your relationship with it!


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