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Updates November 2022

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Hey WellSpace Members,

As you know, WellSpace is a new concept in flexible treatment rooms—one where we support your business, not just rent space. Innovation always leads to changes and we have made substantive changes to our membership levels and room reservation system. All of these changes have been at the request of members and should be a net benefit to everyone utilizing the space. All changes start on Monday Nov. 21, 2022.

​1. New Membership Levels. In order to simply and meet the needs of our members we are simplifying our membership down to two primary levels, Growth and Established. Members who were previously Starter will become Growth and enjoy a $50 discount on their monthly rent (down to $95/mo.) Members that were Growth will get moved to Established where you will take advantage of $12 room rates for hour sessions (see below on new reservation rules) and stay at the current $195 rate. Established members will keep the name and rate, but move from $295 down to $195—saving $100 per month.

2. We are removing set reservation times. Many members have verbalized the need for a more flexible booking environment. As of Monday the 22nd you will be able to start your booking during any of our open hours.

3. We are moving to half-hour increments.  In order to offer even more flexibility for your schedules we are allowing members to book their appointments in half hour increments (min. 1 hour). We will also only be charging for table time and automatically maintain a 30 minute buffer between different therapist's sessions. As the therapist reserving the room you will continue to have 15 minutes to ready the room and 15 minutes to clean up, but they will not be billed. Please be responsible with the thirty minute buffers by using your half (15 min.) to leave a room and allow the following 15 minutes for the incoming therapist to prep.

4. We are adding a cap to reduce your costs. If you are an established member reserving more than 60 hours per month, you will see a credit applied to your following months member dues. This is because after 60 hours of rental all hourly rates go down to $5. Unfortunately, we cannot implement this at the time of service, so it will show up as a credit on your membership account within 10 days of the previous month.

We realize this is a bit confusing.

Your understanding as we make changes of this magnitude is gracious and appreciated. If you have any questions about the changes or how they affect your account, please feel free to contact us at (360) 488-0406.