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Updates October 2022

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Hey WellSpace Members,

Our team has been adding a few elements around the space and wanted to keep you in the loop. 

​1. We added magnetic holders to the doors. In order to give a stronger indicator of rooms in use, and add a little branding for your business, we have added 8.5x11 acylic frames onto each door. Simply pull open the magnetic front, slide in any printed poster and close the magnets together. It is easy and will add a sense of ownership to your room. You can design your own or start with this basic template we produced. (download here). Please remember to take out the poster when done with the room.

2. We added a glove station into the breakroom. If you need gloves while disinfecting, or for any reason, you can find them mounted on the wall in the break room. 

3. We're ramping up our marketing.  We are starting to spend more on Facebook and Google marketing, plus we are reaching out on numerous forums and local sites to talk about WellSpace. In order for you to take advantage of any benefit we need to get your profiles put together as soon as you can. If you are not sure what to do, feel free to reach out to and I can walk you through it. 

Can you help us?
We work hard to create a safe space that accomodates your needs and we want to keep growing in that pursuit. There are two ways you can help.

1. Refer us to any wellness professionals you know. We still have plenty of room to go for us to be thriving. Any referrals would be appreciated. Plus, we'll give you and the new person 5 free sessions when they sign up. 

2. Review us on Google.  It's as simple as clicking a link and letting other therapists know about the space with a positive review. You can go straight to the review form by clicking here.

We want to thank you for your support and hope we are supporting you well in return.