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How to make a reservation

WellSpace partners with Skedda for their room reservation technology. You can reach you account through a website or through downloading and signing in to the app. once open, reserving a room is easy. Watch the quick tutorial video to learn how easy it is to reserve a room at WellSpace.


Are there upfront fees?

High upfront costs can hurt a starting or growing business. Therefore, there are no hidden fees or initiation fees. But because we want a professional environment there is a $50 license screening when you first sign up.

Can I cancel anytime?

We believe that our suite of amenities and the quality of our space will keep you with us for a long time, so we won't trap you with a contract. Unlike a lease or sublet, there are no long-term contracts to sign. All memberships are month-to-month and can be canceled with 30 days notice after the first 90 days.

What if there are no rooms available?

It is important that you have an opportunity to serve your clients at convenient times and without hassle. We limit the number of members in the facility and monitor booking volume. Our goal is to maintain a room capacity that consistently stays under 70%. If usage exceeds 70% regularly we will look into ways to expand to a secondary location.

Why do I have to pay for a license screening?

Unfortunately, the wellness & massage industry has been plagued with a bad reputation due to unlicensed and undocumented facilities in the area. We are committed to be exclusive to practitioners in good standing and require a check to ensure the quality of our members. This protects the reputation of the space, you and your clients.

What is the room cancellation policy?

In order to be fair to all members, we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. This helps us ensure that every member is able to book the space they need, when they need it. To cancel before the 24 hour window, you can simply log into the reservation area of the website and cancel your appointment. Appointments are not charged until you are within the non-cancelation window.

Do I need to be licensed?

We require all members to be licensed or certified in their respective professions. You must also have a liability insurance policy and be a registered business in the State of Washington to join our community.

Can someone just book all of the rooms and then cancel?

Although most levels of membership offer unlimited bookings we only allow for a 20% cancellation rate. This protects members from "hoarding" space and limiting rooms for other members.

what if a member doesn't do their part? They don't clean the room or they leave late?

Thanks to our reservation system and security access, we know exactly who is in rooms, and when they leave. We all need to have a sense of grace for one another, but if a member consistently breaks our member terms, we'll know. This allows us to handle the conversation and remove you from having to deal with interpersonal challenges.

How often do you clean? Are members expected to do anything?

We check on the facility regularly and do deep cleanings based on the number of room reservations for the week. If there is ever a facility issue you can contact us directly and we'll solve it.

We do have disinfectant and cleaning protocols to leave a room. Those are posted in every room and we give you all of the supplies required. Cleaning and leaving a room should take no more than a few minutes and helps ensure that the room is ready for the next practitioner.

What Amenities are Included? And how does that work?

First we start with fully furnished rooms. We have purchased top-tier, hydraulic tables for each room and include bolsters, air purifiers, massage stool and other basic elements. This saves a practitioner a few thousand dollars.

Next, we provide linens. We have a central area that is always stocked with enough linens for the next few days coming appointments. You save 3-5 hours per week or $200/mo. with this service alone.

We also provide Marketing activity. To see the extent of our marketing support visit here.

Do you have additional questions?

Email our team and let us know how we can help.