— Room Rental Comparison —

Although all room rentals are different, we've taken a typical situation from around Vancouver and compared it to WelSpace's Flex rental option.
(Rent calculations based on treating an average of 18 people per week)

Private Room Rental

Typical room at alternative clinic or office space in town.


WellSpace Flex Room

Access to multiple treatment rooms for reservation
$650/ mo.

Starting Room Rent

$199/ mo.

Additional day rent

typically 6 mo. or longer


No contracts after first 60 days
Often 1st, last and deposit (typically $2000+)

Startup costs

$50 screening only

Marketing Assistance

Google AdWords, Social Media, Network Events & More
Maybe a locked door?


Coded entrance, security treatment doors, cameras
3-5 hours/wk (value $250/mo.)

Linen Service

Often none

Common Space

Break Room and Lockers

ADA Compliant

100% including restrooms

Check-in System

Automated Check-in (you get a text on their arrival)

Multiple Locations

Meet Clients in Multiple Facilities (Coming Soon)
Generally nothing massage related


$3000 worth - Hydraulic Tables, Bolsters, Therapist Stool, Changing Chair, Air Purifier & More
Depends on agreement

Cleaning Service

Regular deep clean including tables and warmers
Not Included

Provided Supplies

Disinfectants in every room, masks and sanitizer station, water service, disposable cups, & more


100% covered including garbage, heat, & A/C
Typically required for rental

Credit Check Required?

No Credit Check (debit or CC on file)
*assumes 18 patients per week and vacation in the year and similar amenities to WellSpace.


*assumes 18 patients per week and vacation in the year.

While renting your own space can make a lot of sense for those that have a large and consistent client base, it can be expensive and take up considerable extra hours in a therapist's week.


WellSpace is designed to allow therapists to focus on meeting and treating their clients. With no long-term leases and a $50 start-up cost we offer a great option for anyone who does not have an established clientele of more than 30 appointments per week.